Our Property Services

Please select one of the four Property Services from the list below:

Apogee Estates Services

We have many decades of experience in property and estates services mainly for tenants and commercial portfolios but we have done some work for Landlords too. We are experts at realising your objectives at renewal, improving the terms of your agreements and helping you with you property portfolio strategy.

Apogee Property Search

Don’t sit there thinking there is nothing out there that is suitable we can locate any form of property that meet our client’s needs. Whilst we are very good at day to day property searching and optioneering we are also very good at helping our clients with contentious use requirements.

Apogee Streetworks and Management Services

A laborious minefield of regulation and process you can’t beat asking us to deal with the New Roads and Streetworks Act and the process of making, managing and obtaining permission for any proposal from a Local Authority.

Apogee Town and Country Planning Services

We offer a one time fee promise in some circumstances for planning advice and planning applications. Particularly useful on contentious use applications such as sui generis and waste disposal sites as well as utility and telecommunications requirements. We also do domestic and small commercial and residential planning applications.