Apogee Basic Utility Search

Our entry level search covering the 5 main utilities and line search. Service available across all of Great Britian – This search is for those who want to do an initial non-compliant low cost search pre land purchase. It can be topped up to a compliant search within 90 days for £90 + Vat.

Apogee draws on decades of experience and the best modern utility search techniques to bring its clients this entry level service. Gas, Water, Drainage, Electric & BT. The service also covers all of the independent operators (IGTs & IDNOs) as well as line search. Some of the higher risk telecom operators like Vodafone & Virgin Media are also available as options.

Not Suitable for those who want to use the information prior to an intrusive survey or site dig or for Section 50, 184 of 278 Local Authority applications.

A fixed fee and fresh search every time delivered in unlocked pdf with a useful summary page that identifies affected and unaffected utilities as well as confirming the list of the utilities searched.


Suitable for only:

Solicitors and Clients who are examining the high risk utilities pre acquisition only. A Top Up or Full Search is needed for beyond acquisition.

Fees from

£65 + Vat

£2 Million PI Insurance

Cost effective entry level service

Most Comprehensive and cost effective search in the market guaranteed

Virgin and Vodafone costs optional

All site sizes and shapes, standard site size up to 25 Ha

Speeds of Service available 24hr, 5 days, 10 days, 15 days and 20 day

Simple instant online quoting & ordering

Available without water for those who obtain a CON29