What we do!

We provide a complete one-stop shop for all things Property and Utility Consulting, the Pinnacle of 25 years of experience in Property and Utility Consultancy. We are a Consultancy that doesn’t suppose its client’s problems. One that uses all the benefits of modern technology and big data to deliver innovative services and solutions that really add value to our client’s projects.

We are experts in commoditising development and utility consultancy services delivering a well defined scope and fixed price on all our projects.

Our Mission: “To be the leading specialist Property Utility Consultancy in Britain, delighting our clients on every commission we are honoured to execute.”

We hope you enjoy checking out our website and helping us define our future as it develops to meet your needs.

We offer:

Property and Utility Services all with a fixed fee approach:


  • Utility Search and Utility Reports.
  • Estate Management and Utility Remediation services.
  • Fixed Wireless Access and 5G site acquisition & planning services. 
  • Planning applications appeals and consultancy from small schemes to complex DCO applications.
  • Land ownership management services and delivery.
  • Street works management and consultancy including new to market Section 50, 184 and 278 services.
  • More comprehensive and cost-effective Utility Management services than our competition including HSG47 PAS 128 and reports suitable for CDM.
  • Property, Planning & Estate Management Services.
  • Utility Project Management and Coordination services.

Our Services

Utility Search

We offer a range of search products that deal with the collection and management of utility records, wayleaves, utility feasibility and CDM.

Property Consultancy

We carry out site search services, estate management, development, property and planning consultancy, management and application services. We also offer Local Authority management including Section, 50, 184 and 278 submission and coordination solutions.

Utility Consultancy

We manage utility infrastructure and can provide solutions for the remediation of utility plant and the provision of new electricity, water, gas and telecom connections.

Company Brochure

Download our PDF brochure detailing with all of the services we offer.