Apogee Estates Services

We have many decades of experience in property and estates services mainly for tenants and commercial portfolios but we have done some work for Landlords too. Services include:

  • Agreement reviews and Tenancy including Leases, Licences, Wayleaves and Easements.
  • Advice on restrictive covenants.
  • Strategic property advice and portfolio reviews.
  • Lease renewals and rents reviews.

We prefer to serve our clients directly, but we are also willing to serve their agents and investment management companies and operate our services within tightly defined scopes agreed with the client. Our initial client consultation, within our normal operating area, is provided free of charge and without obligation.

We are particularly specialist in contentious uses. These include sui generis planning uses, utility and telecommunication, windfarm and solar farm property as well as waste processing sites.

Whilst each client’s requirement differs, and fees vary on the requirement, we operate a fixed fee approach so that the client knows from the outset what our fees are to be.

For simple agreement reviews and a report they can be as low as £100 + VAT.

Our other services take our clients right through the acquisition process and include:

  • Site Searching
  • Planning Applications and Appeals
  • Streetworks Management Services