Apogee Streetworks Management Services

We have many decades of experience in dealing with the New Roads and Streetworks Act and the process of making, managing and obtaining permission for any proposal from a Local Authority including:

  • Section 50 – utility installation.
  • Section 184 – dropped kerb.
  • Section 278 – highways works.


Our service is delivered to developer clients, their land, technical and site management departments as well as their Architects, Project Managers, Consultants, Contractors and Sub Contractors.

We operate a fixed fee approach so that the client knows from the outset what our fees are to be.

We operate a one-time fee promise. Provided that clients embark on the initial application having followed our advice any subsequent tactical or repeat applications are carried out free of charge until a satisfactory consent is achieved.

Fees are from £150 + VAT + Local Authority Application costs.

NB: We do operate a policy that requires one of our Full Utility Searches to be purchased before we will accept any commission. This is because we find that other searches including those provided by our competition are simply not adequate to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum in the completion of the above applications.