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What was the Client Requirement?

As part of the conversion of Newquay Airport into a Spaceport, Apogee was instructed to perform a Utility Search of the airport to identify any utility risks or challenges which could impact the development. Airports require large supplies of fuel – often via pipeline – as well as significant amounts of power and water, and high-level telecommunications infrastructure to manage their traffic.

What was the Apogee Solution?

Apogee provided the client with a Full Utility Search Report detailing the site’s utility situation, with multiple affected utilities highlighted as relevant to the site. The buildings by the runway which include a bus depot and some hangars were found to have a power and telecoms supply connecting them. No water distribution mains were identified within the site extent however there may be service water connections present which are not shown on the plans.

What was the result of the report?

The report found that there were several affected utilities within the area of the airport searched, however there were no utility assets underneath the runway. BT reported that some of the telecoms plant around the airport’s buildings were not available without further enquiry (this is a fairly common occurrence in areas such as airports with national and/or strategic importance.)

Why was the client delighted?

The Reports were delivered on time and without any delays and provided the client with exactly the data they wanted in formats which were easy for them to use. Apogee’s report hit the spot, it’s just a shame the rocket launch was a flop!

About the client:

Safedigging Ltd is a multi-disciplinary survey and consultancy provider offering a wide range of services covering all aspects of land, utility and building surveying. Safedigging can handle projects right through from the early planning stages to completion and handover and help you avoid danger, stay safe and prevent costly financial penalties and delays. They offer a wide variety of consultations, pre-project surveys, desktop searches, clash detection, Interim progress reports, vacuum excavation & verification, laser scanning and 3D Walkthroughs just to name a selection of their offerings.

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What did the Client say (Testimonial)?

Who else would buy this?

Apogee’s search reports and combined drawings are ideal for Solicitors, Clients and Project Managers, Developers, Local Authorities Consultants, Architects, Design & Build Contractors, Highways Scheme promoters and Surveyors. Anyone involved with a residential or commercial development who would benefit from understanding the risks and costs which come from utilities would be well placed to talk to the team. Even if you are not the source of funds for the development and cost savings are of secondary importance to you, they can help you avoid other inconveniences such as delays and reduce the risk of any accidents or strikes of existing plant, as well as improve due diligence and help you achieve compliance under the relevant guidelines and regulations, namely PAS128 and HSG47. Apogee has decades of experience in managing such conflicts across their capable team, a member of whom was on the PAS128 steering committee and who was personally involved in the drafting of PAS128 Quality Level D.

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