Today’s Utility Searching

Don’t be fooled by expensive utility searching. Despite further deregulation advances in the technology decreases the time it takes a searching company to complete the task. It is though, still complicated with the ever-increasing numbers of independent companies and changes in ownership and responsibilities. Office closures and outsourcing makes for an even more complicated environment. […]

Statute behind Technology

“Statute & guidance always seems to lag behind technology when progress needs both!” I have over recent months actually managed to take a little time to catch up with some of the Utility Industry stakeholder meetings and have been quite surprised to find that we have not moved on at all in the past 4 […]

Utility Acronym Minefield

Apogee Acronym Minefield

“Getting to grips with utility information and all the Acronyms” by Jeremy Haigh I have read recently that acronyms are generally bad because people don’t understand what they mean and they are often unnecessary. The article was, at least a bit, about the new British Standard PAS 128 and I couldn’t disagree more. Acronyms enable […]

Rely on Robots?

“Can we ever rely on robots to do adequate Utility Searching and what is Intelligent Searching?” I have spent well over a decade now looking at the automation of Utility Searching and an abundance of technologies in an attempt to find a way of delivering utility information to an enquirer at a lower cost. The […]

RICS Irrelevant & Bloated

“Is the RICS an irrelevant bloated establishment fat cat from a bygone era where badges were more important than whether or not you could tie a knot?” I read in the Times on Sunday an article about the senior leaders at the RICS losing their position; a load of redundancies, furlough and all the other […]