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What was the Client Requirement?

Minster Property sought clarity on a proposed development of 179 residential units on Heywood Road in Diss, Norfolk. Apogee were instructed to help investigate the options and feasibility for the development especially in regards to the ease of new utility connections for the properties to receive Water, Power and Heating. An Investigation was undertaken to determine how best the development’s needs could be met in a timely manner whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

What was the Apogee Solution?

Using their experience in analysing utility plans and our knowledge of how to handle them in relation to new developments, Apogee were able to identify an alternative electrical supply option for the development than the one originally proposed and determine the availability of the other utilities. We were also able to compare the benefits and the drawbacks of these options, informing the client on these and on the costs involved.

What was the result of the report?

The large size of the site and the large number of new connections meant the development was likely to incur large connection costs. A High Voltage Power Line crossing the site required removing and UKPN proposed replacing it with a new Underground HV Connection which required extending two existing HV Underground cables and installing a new transformer, along with a new Ring Mains Unit. Unfortunately, there was insufficient Gas capacity to supply this site without expensive reinforcement, so costs were sought for a higher electrical loading to support electrical heating and three-phase connections to supply EV Charging points, as is good practice.

In addition to this, the site required two diversions of existing plant to accommodate the new residential units. Water capacity was available for the site, however an existing mains under the site required diversion – as well as this, there were BT Openreach overhead cables and poles near the site entrance which also required diversions. Apogee used its extensive costs database of our site examples to provide a budget costs diversions estimate in addition to the certainty given from the new connections application costs provided by the utilities.

Why was the client delighted?

The Client was delighted by the report as it delivered price clarity on the costs of connecting to the site, as well as the feasibility of gas heating and electrical capacity for the development. Unexpected costs such as diversions of existing utilities or reinforcement of the network to obtain needed capacity can have significant impacts on project viability and margins. Utility conflict can prohibit development of certain sites, so proper utility research and discovery provided by experienced professionals is essential.

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About the client:

Minster Property are a Developer specialising in Affordable Housing and Commercial & Retail Developments based in Leicestershire. By engaging with stakeholders at an early stage, be it local authorities, local residents or contractors, Minster ensure the needs of all parties are met and projects delivered to meet their objectives. With this approach, Minster’s experience in development can be merged with the experience and knowledge of other parties to aid each development.

What did the client say (Testimonial):

“We have always found Apogee’s feasibility study work to be exemplary and the work they did to resolve our £500k quotation at Sutton Benger was superb. If you have a problem around utilities we highly recommend Apogee”. – Head of Development, Minster Property.

Who else would buy this?

Our consultancy reports are ideal for Solicitors, Clients and Project Managers, Developers, Local Authorities Consultants, Architects, Design & Build Contractors, Highways Scheme promoters and Surveyors. Anyone involved with a residential or commercial development who would benefit from understanding the risks and costs which come from utilities would be well placed to talk to us. Even if you are not the source of funds for the development and costs savings are of secondary importance to you, we can help you avoid other inconveniences such as delays and reduce the risk of any accidents or strikes of existing plant, as well as improve due diligence and help you achieve compliance under the relevant guidelines and regulations, namely PAS128 and HSG47. We have decades of experience in managing such conflicts across our capable team, a member of whom was on the PAS128 steering committee and who was personally involved in the drafting of PAS128 Quality Level D.


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