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What was the Client Requirement?

There are more than 150 Heritage Railways in service across Britain, covering 560 miles of track between 460 Stations, according to the Heritage Railway Association – most of these railways operate classic steam locomotives, and together, they preserve the history of British Rail transport and one of the country’s largest industrial sectors historically. In 2021, a public inquiry was held regarding a project to expand the Kent and East Sussex Heritage Railway, which runs through the Rother Valley connecting Headcorn and Bodiam. As part of this project, Apogee was instructed to perform a utility search of the proposed 3.5km connection between Robertsbridge and Bodiam.

What was the Apogee Solution?

Apogee provided the client with a Full Utility Report detailing the site’s utility situation, with multiple affected utilities highlighted as relevant to the site. The Report was delivered on time, and 100% complete. It contained data on all utilities crossing the proposed railway route, enabling the Rother Valley to continue its works under a 2023 Transport Works Order to complete the reinstatement of the heritage line.

What was the result of the report?

The report found that there were several affected utilities crossing the railway route – the site also crossed a boundary of two water suppliers, meaning plans from two separate water companies had to be obtained. There were also Gas and Power assets crossing the route at multiple points, and telecoms cables from multiple operators including BT, Virgin and Vodafone.

Assets were concentrated on Northbridge Street with the A21 and B2244 roads crossing either side of the route, however, there were multiple crossings between as well. This is to be expected on long, linear sites like this despite the small area covered.

Why was the client delighted?

The reports were delivered on time, 100% complete and without any delays, and provided the client with exactly the data they wanted in Apogee’s usual PDF format, along with individual affected plans for easy use and access.

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Who else would buy this?

Our search reports and combined drawings are ideal for Solicitors, Clients and Project Managers, Developers, Local Authorities Consultants, Architects, Design & Build Contractors, Highways Scheme promoters and Surveyors. Anyone involved with a residential or commercial development who would benefit from understanding the risks and costs which come from utilities would be well placed to talk to us. Even if you are not the source of funds for the development and cost savings are of secondary importance to you, we can help you avoid other inconveniences such as delays and reduce the risk of any accidents or strikes of existing plant, as well as improve due diligence and help you achieve compliance under the relevant guidelines and regulations, namely PAS128 and HSG47. We have decades of experience in managing such conflicts across our capable team, a member of whom was on the PAS128 steering committee and who was personally involved in the drafting of PAS128 Quality Level D.

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Rother Valley Railway

There are 150+ heritage railways in Britain. Apogee conducted a utility search for the Kent and East Sussex Heritage Railway expansion. The detailed report was delivered timely, benefiting the client.

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